The meaning of „SILIMA“

The word Silima, the pronunciation of the consonants slm, derives from the sumerian (northeastern language) song „mistress of the uncountable divine forces“ and was composed in the 23th century b.C. to honor mistress Inana/Ischtag (Venus), the „mistress of heaven".

While the holy mistress was walking through the heavenly rooms in her glittering appearence the devinity of door salutate reverentially – „well-being may stay at your side!“

And this is what we wish for you:

“ May you feel well“.

From the prosperity of the mesopotamian culture (3.-1. thousand b.C.) at the Euphrat and Tigris, before the rise of the egyptian highculture, a lot of religiouse and cultural impulses where made through the trade.

As signs for this cultural exchange archaeological tracks can be found in the eastern direction as far as China (also the appearence of the chinese letters can be lead back to this), in the rivercultures of the yellow river, the Wei, the Han, the Huai and the Yangtze; in the southern direction as far as India, but above all with the northern part of Central-Asia and Western Europe.

That makes this highculture a paradigm for the synthesis between east and west.