Formerly: Park-clinic Prof. Julius Hackethal

In the year 1989 Prof. Hackethal acquired Gut Spreng and transformed it into a clinic. He was leading this clinic under the famous name Eubios-Klinik until he died in the year 1997.

With Prof. Hackethal we share the idea of a hospital being more like a patient hotel: meaning without feeling good in a hospital, you can not get well, this is what we see every day. But we want to clearly distance ourself from the therapeutical idea of Prof. Hackethal, especially concerning euthanasia.

Since November 2003 we have found a new determination for „our house“. The therapy concept TCM- Internal medicine is based on the 30 years of practical experience of our medical leader and clinicfounder Dr. F. Friedl. The duty and the aim of the clinic is the treatment of diseases. We try with all of our knowledge to influence your personal illness in a positive way.

The clinic SILIMA is located in the middle of pure nature, surrounded by shallow hills, forest, wide fields and a small swimmingarea. Beside from village and town you won´t be influenced by disturbant and agonising noises nor lights. An island of silence between Samerberg, Chiemsee and the Inntal, with beautyful hikingtrails in all directions of the sky.

Our clinic is equipped with 25 beds. Every room is arranged with shower or bathtube and offers telefone and television. There is an elevator in the house and some rooms are specially equipped for disabled persons.

We do have enough medical facilities but without presenting a typical hospital character. During your stay in our clinic you will be feeling more like a guest than a patient.