Our skills and competences

From the year 2000 to 2003 our chief physician Dr. Friedl was the head of „The Westerhof“ at Tegernsee. After the clinic was closed most of the staff accompanied him to his new project named Silima. That´s why most of the clinical staff is used to work together since many years – an advantage that is appreciated by many of our patients.

In the whole 35 people are employed in the clinic Silima – 20 of them in the therapeutic discipline. Representative for the whole team you see at the right side (starting from the top to the bottom) Renate Peter (leader of the nursing team), Theresia Wagner (chief secretary) as well as the therapeuts Elke Stapf (Shiatsu, APM), Florian Lindner (physiotherapist) and Rolf Rothe (Tuina).