Synthesis of internal and chinese medicine

In clinic Silima we daily work with the synthesis of East and West. This is only possible when you have enough knowledge of both systems which the members of our therapeutic staff gained by studying both disciplines, the Western medicine and additionaly to that the Chinese medicine.

A Chinese cupboard, which we use for medical plants in Klinik Silima.We know that you, being patient in our house don´t want to be bottered with decisions about what kind of treatment would be the best for your individual kind of illness, but rather you want to get the most advantaged therapy out of both systems. As your therapists we accept this challenge. As in our motto „As much natural healing methods as possible, as less western medicine as needed,“ we treat with Chinese medicine as long as it is with good prospects, to get better results and to reduce the amount of medication.

The focus when applying Chinese medicine are the symptoms, the interpretation of the signs of the illness the body is showing. In this case the physical as well as the mental symptoms are registered, connections between different organs and bodyareas are analysed and seen in a holistic context. Everything is connected – as the diseace develops through years and decades, that is what the Chinese medicine explores, and from this second point of view different possibilities of treatment arise, also concerning diseases that can no longer be treaten sufficiently by Western medicine.

This new point of view concerning the connections leads to new conclusions of the individual case. It should not be the way to follow some myths when dealing with your disease, but to find out what is helpfull in your individual kind of illness.

Depending on the grade of your disease, we develope prevention, acute therapy or relieving methods.

The second opinion is a precondition for us, to combine and to balance Western and Chinese medicine. We try to do this in dialogue with you - the most concerned person – because it is you carrying the greatest risk about the development of your disease.

By the way: Our clinic is financed by people who have experienced the efficiency of this kind of medicine, or who have the opinion that it is on time to offer consequent ways in medicine. We work autonomous, independing from health insurance, pharmaceutical industry and healthcompany and we belief that only in independence a medicine with the ability to satisfy one´s individual needs can arise.