Every thuesday Dr. Friedl is holding an open speech, as an introduction in chinese thinking and in the synthesis of chinese and western medicine. If you are interested in getting to know him or our clinic this would be a good possibility.

to that the clinic Silima is connected with research and advanced training in many ways.

Dr. Friedl is the leader of DECA, the society of documentation of practical experience of applied chinese phytotherapy. In this society practical physicians from all the germanspeaking countries, who apply this methode daily, are working together by exchanging their experience. DECA has it´s own electronic communication network the TCMNet, it´s own education system for doctors and it´s nationwide network for practitioneers.

To that DECA is the founder of the plantproject for planting Chinese herbs in Bayern, which was established at the University of Weihenstephan. In this interdisciplinare project, that is supported by the Government of Bayern, the project is systematically researched. The aim of the project is the improvement of the security of Chinese herbs, the gaining of basic knowledge and the establishment of new agricultural prospects. Dr. Friedl represents the medical questions in the gremium and is leader of the investigation to review the effectivity of the herbs planted in Bayern.